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My Mission:
My Mission:

Specialized counseling serving adolescents, college students, and adults struggling to cope with major life changes, trauma, sexual violence, mood disorders, mental health challenges, and substance use problems.


About me:

It is helpful to know your counselor’s background in order to begin developing a strong relationship. I began my career in graduate studies at the University of Denver’s Four Corners program following my years as a mountain and whitewater guide. I began my work providing mental health and substance abuse treatment in jails, in outpatient treatment, community health centers, and in crises centers. I then provided services for a wilderness treatment program before moving into a position as the primary family therapist in a long-term residential treatment center. Afterwards, I served as a therapist for survivors of sexual violence and trafficking. My recent projects have involved assisting in the development of a wilderness treatment program, consulting for a mindful virtual reality startup, and co-founding a nonprofit for kitchen staff.


My approach:

My approach to treatment is collaborative and emphasizes acknowledging problems in a non-judgmental way. Concepts of 'good and bad' or 'right and wrong' are discarded to instead focus on developing and implementing solutions. To come to solutions, I utilize evidence-based treatment techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Motivational Interviewing. I offer my sessions in person, and via tele-video.

Telehealth Options Offered:

An increasingly important, easy, and flexible tool in medicine; telehealth allows providers to reach out to clients in a convenient way by means of tele-video. Sessions via tele-video occur in real time with your therapist and are accessed with a computer webcam, a tablet, or a smartphone. People choose sessions via tele-video for many reasons such as ease and convenience, difficult commutes, desire to receive care at home or on walks, or bad weather. John Rowe Counseling now offers consultations, assessments, and sessions using telehealth.

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Free Consultations

Free in person or telephone consultations are offered
Phone Consultation-30 minutes-free
Initial Session and Intake Assessment-120 minutes-$129
50 minute session-50 minutes-$100
75 Minute Session-75 minutes-$140

*John Rowe Counseling offers an income based sliding fee scale for clients with current financial difficulties. Please contact us for these rates.

Forms of Payment:



All Major Credit & Debit Cards

*Insurances accepted are Cigna, United and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

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